About Us


From the humble beginning in 1989 Third Eye Travel was founded with a vision and a mission to offer the world of leisure and adventure travel to the enchanting regions of the Himalayas to all vacationers. To the uninitiated we provide an alternate from the mundane by offering the exotic “once in a life time” experience; and to the well healed we offer the extra ordinary, off the beaten path adventures that more than meets the eye.


Only with experience can a company nurture a team of experts in the travel business. Our 30 years of experience has given us the opportunity to build an organization consisting of the most knowledgeable and friendly staff and a network of the finest professional operators in the regions. Our team can thus offer you the best package designed to meet the budget and expectations and assure you have a wonderful holiday experience.


Our philosophy is “It´s all in the Service”. We consider service is everything and the rest will follow afterwards. We believe in responsible tourism and the preservation of the natural environment. Our motto is “Take with you the experience and the memories but leave only footprints behind”.


We promise our full support and your complete satisfaction of our services. We are there with you all the way from the start to finish. We guide you at the planning stages and design the package according to your requirements. We will walk the extra mile and more for your comfort and safety throughout your trip.