Lijiang, China

Lijiang, China is one of the jewels of Yunnan Province. With the buzzing old town filled with traditional Chinese foods, the stunning Tiger

Leaping Gorge, and amazing architecture, it makes the perfect destination for someone who is trying to grasp the feel of China.  Not to long of a drive away is Tiger Leaping Gorge, which has the most jaw-dropping turquoise, blue water and a array of mountains surrounding it. After visiting the gorge, at night, you can visit one of the highlights of this historic city, which is the old town. This exciting area has delicious foods, and gorgeous architecture you can just awe at. Whether you are looking for a quick bite, or a sit down meal, they will have anything your heart desires! Lijiang looks gorgeous in photos, but nothing is like seeing it in real life.



Know About the Mahabodhi Temple of Bodhgaya

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Bodhgaya is a religious place and a wonderful pilgrimage site. It is enclosed Association with Mahabodhi temple complex in the district of Gaya. Bodhgaya is one of the pilgrimage sites on Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages. It has a lot of importance in terms of divinity. Buddhism is one of the major religions of the world which took place in India including Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. There are millions of followers of Buddhism. Gautama Buddha was the man of wisdom behind the establishment of Buddhism. It is a place where Gautam Buddha attained enlightenment. ‘Bodhi’ is also called as ‘Pali’ which means enlightenment. ‘Maha’ stands for ‘great’.

A pilgrimage site for both Hindus and Buddhists

Bodhgaya is a site which is visited by both the Hindus and the Buddhists. It is an important point to notice that the Mahabodhi Temple accommodates the divine dedication of two kinds of religions. It proves that peace of mind and purity of soul is more important than following a religion. Apart from Bodh Gaya Buddhist pilgrimage offers three more wonderful sites. The names of those three sites are Khushinagar, Lumbini and Sarnath. There are visitors of this Buddhist pilgrimage sites not only from India but from all over the world.

Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple is located around a hundred kilometres from Patna. It is really difficult to imagine but there is a ‘Diamond Throne’ or Vajrasan in the temple. It is actually made up of Diamonds. There is the holy Bodhi tree also show based on which the temple has been named. Mahabodhi Temple is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India. The journey of maintenance of Mahabodhi Temple is not a simple one. It is rebuilt and restored with lots of efforts. There is a great contribution of government in this. There are some sculptural elements which were in their ruins and therefore the government has maintained the replicas of it.

The Shikhar towers of Mahabodhi Temple

The Shikhar is a Sanskrit word which means a mountain peak. In Mahabodhi Temple, the Shikhar refers to the rising tower in the Hindu temple architecture. Almost every temple India has the Shikhar. This is about 55 meters height and it is very intricate and stylistic. Not only the Hindu temples but also in Jain temples the tradition of building the Shikhar is maintained very well.

The Navel of the Earth

According to the Jakarta tales which two birth in India itself an integral part of Indian literature mention that the navel of the earth lies at the spot of Mahabodhi tree. This could have been the reason for Gautam Buddha’s attainment of enlightenment and no other sport in the world. It is also believed that if the world would be destroyed or we should say when the world would be destroyed this would be the place on the earth where there will be live once again and it would happen with the bud of lotus. There is one more belief associated with it that the number of the lotus flowers that would take place would decide the number of Buddha which is expected to arise at that time. So, is it not worth visiting on Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages India!

Myanmar Tour Package Give You a Glimpse

Myanmar tour package

Myanmar is a South Asian country that has a lot of beautiful cultures. If you look out the ethnic map of this country then you can easily find out that this country is divided into a lot of various cultural groups and languages. Whereas this issue alone prepares for an old-fashioned tiny cover of conventional traditions and languages, as it goes profound than that. The identity of the family is huge in Myanmar just like in Vietnam and Thailand.

The culture of tribal effects a group’s dress, language, and monetary activities. And you can look out it is a complete show in Myanmar. And also, the country of Myanmar is divided into various regions with its leading ethnic group. As you can think, this destruction can main to an ethnic and military war. Certainly, some of the parts of Myanmar are pretty insecure due to the remaining ethnic warfare. Still, the political climate has increased enough in previous years to open its attractions to the tourists.

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As this country open its entry gates for visitors, so the best time to visit in this country before it becomes flooded like Thailand. And the country has various things to provide the traveler from royal beaches to huge natural attractions. Although, because of a lot of attractions, the country has its main cultural heritage to attract visitors. One question that comes in mind is that what are the attractions to see in this country. So, it can be in one word that is Buddhism. There are a lot of Buddhist pagodas and shrines all over the country. And each attraction has a slightly various since every location shows the local culture and local preferences. For example, there is a pagoda complex that is prepared with various and little gold-domed pagodas in Yangon. It is amazing the feast for the tourist’s eyes.

Great street food

If you are more daring than the traveler who makes a beeline for McDonald’s when visiting an international country, then there is a wide range of road fairs and nearby foods that make certain to challenge you. While there is a lot of closeness between the nearby cooking and other Southeast Asian foods, Myanmar food will in general spotlight on fish and fish-based dishes. If you love fish and need to discovered various ways it very well may be cooked; Myanmar food is suited to your tastes.

It’s implied that an outing to an outside Yangon or Mandalay advertise is one that includes loads of extraordinary sights, sounds, and smells. It is all part of the trip of Myanmar with the Myanmar tour package. The extraordinary thing about Myanmar cooking is that the move makes a place for the most part outside of built-up cafés. While numerous cafés will in general take into account a specific taste or customer base, if you need to encounter ‘culinary majority rules system’ and experience Myanmar’s streets from the vantage purpose of an ordinary resident, at that point you have to look at the nearby nourishment slows down.

Inle Lake

The fishing and fish culture are very huge with the locals of Myanmar. And nothing validates its fact that more than a sightsee to Inle Lake. You should give at least some days for discovering Inle Lake. This lake has wonderful and interesting views that provide you a chance to look out how local Myanmar food leads to fish dishes. You can even observe coasting fields of tomato beds and even flower gardens. The peoples of this lake genuinely center their lives around the lake.

Do’s and Don’ts Things in Nepal

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As you know that Nepal is the country that shares the border with India where people always greet its tourists with a lot of happiness and warmth although, you cannot get the chance to completely unaware of the country where its people, culture, and food, and so forth. And like any other place in the world, there is a lot of things to get into thought for your help while visiting Nepal. The Nepal tour package will provide your stay in Nepal memorable.

Dos & Don’ts:

There is a lot of things do’s and don’ts in Nepal, where you can get the chance to experience Nepal and its nearby countries like Tibet and Bhutan that you can visit with Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages.

  • Doing Namaste by combining you’re two palms is the most widely recognized at this point a decent method for welcome to any new or associate you see in Nepal. This type of regard is proper esp. for ladies as they can be very hesitant of warmly greeting the opposite sex.
  • Utilize both your hands although providing or getting anything as it is a sign of enjoyment and respect. And always utilize your right hand for everything if you are utilizing one hand.
  • The local peoples are upset if a finger is straight pointed to anything- especially religious monuments or peoples that always utilize the even long hand to agree on anything.
  • In Nepal, when you getting into the home, monastery or temple, then the first thing to remember to get rid of your slippers or shoes as respect and before getting photos in these places, that always request for approval and go to avoid utilizing a flash.
  • Nepal is mainly a Hindu country with unlimited Hindu temples that are scattered all around, so, you must know that some of the temple’s arrival may be forbidden for non-Hindus- and also avoid any of the leather items inside the temple as they are banned.

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The local peoples may not allow much of the dining table conducts but in the commercial world in Nepal but a lot of things tolerate in mind, such as

  • When you are on the dining table then never eat with the left hand if you eat with the left hand.
  • During drinking water straight from the bottle, manage a distance between a bottle, and your lips.
  • The wasting food is not allowed unfriendly that’s why get only as much as you required. Because the diet is extremely adored in Nepal.
  • Most of the local Nepalese utilize their hands to eat especially at home and knives, fork, and spoons are utilized only in a special case, that’s why do not feel insulted if you watch anyone eating with hand.
  • In Nepal, people do or do not like to share the food in the same plate, that’s why always request if they mind eating or sharing in the same place.

How to Prepare A Simple Trip Plan to Mongolia?

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If we talk about the plan a trip then it will be hard as anyone thinks of it. Because, first you should be decided a place to visit, and once the destination will be decided then you must do the packing according to the weather of destination whether there is no cold or hot. So, it can be really become very tough task to handle that’s why our company bring the perfect tour package that you can also extend if you want more places to visit, so here I am discussing about the destination of Mongolia, Yes, you read it right, because nowadays, Mongolia became the best destination where everyone wants to visit as it opened its doors to foreigners. So, let’s start to read more about this country.

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There is a lot of reasons why people are interested in sightseeing in this country of Mongolia. It is because there is a great history which gives you the information back thousands of years. If you want to enjoy that history by sightseeing museums or you wish to dodge of the cities and onto the plains with nomadic herders. And you can also be looking out for a Mongolia tour package that will assist you to enjoy this country. And apart from this destination, if you have particular destinations in your mind then don’t need to worry about that because we also have the other plan to make your trip awesome.

Obviously, if you need to stay all together you may not enjoy one that provides you a great deal of free examination time. If you feel that a visit may have more performance time than you might want you should see whether there are any discretionary exercises that you can take part in while you are on your excursion.

A part of the visits that invest energy in the Mongolian wild will be taking part in explicit exercises, for example, climbing or outdoors. It is safe to say that they are exercises that you like to do? Is the ease level of the movement visit going to suit your preferences and needs? There is nothing more terrible than the judgement you will go through seven days in a yurt or different rich setting just to discover that you are improvising.

Obviously, there is no sense in continuing a specific tour package if it doesn’t work with your financial limit. You have to take a glimpse at the expense of transportation to take you to Asia just as any costs that you may need to cover while you are traveling.

Is it accurate to say that you are somebody who likes to be away from home for an all-inclusive time or do you want to make your tours short and trips and sweet instead? Making sense of to what extent an excursion will get you far from home can be an extraordinary method to limit your decisions and end up with a journey that is neither too long nor excessively short.

If you are sightseeing in other countries which you want to seek out on a short-period trip which spends a day or two in Mongolia but that is not exclusively based in that nation alone. And if you want to sightsee more than one country amid your trip prepare to confirm which you seek out for Mongolia holiday tour packages that will reproduce that.

Explore the Country of Myanmar

Myanmar is currently popular as Burma, which is a country in South East Asia which is not only recognized on the tourist path like its neighbour countries like India, Thailand, and Laos. The country of Myanmar just opened its gate for five years where it is a lot of things to learn and explore its amazing country.

Let’s begin with some realities, that the country utilizes the “Kyat” as its currency and mainly speaks the Burmese language. And the Burmese language sounds and looks different from its Asian neighbour countries. And here, the English language is not just as spoken as other Asian Countries. However, most of the local people, you see will be excited to practice. And when you will speak with locals, then you know that they are very friendly and warm, although, you should be aware of scams, and use some common-sense! You should never rude with an officer at a checkpoint.

And the capital city of this country is Naypyidaw, which is the only city in Myanmar which does not have black-outs ever! But there are not so many things to watch here apart from huge empty roads and government houses. But it is a lot of many more interesting things to visit in Yangon that is the biggest city of Myanmar or also known as the busy hub of Mandalay.

Myanmar tour package

You must be surprised that the western culture is not reached here like any other countries that’s why you can see here, the men wearing the skirts that are known as Longyi, and women put yellow paste on their faces that are painted in designs, it is known as Thanaka and it guards their skin against the heat of the sun.

So, to explore this country, you only book a Myanmar tour package online that is available on your pocket budget. So, don’t be late to get the experience of the beautiful Pagodas of Yangon, Myanmar!

How to Visit Myanmar for First-Time

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As you know that, the country of Myanmar is known as Burma, which is a country in South East Asia which is not yet definitely recognized on the traveler trail like its locales India, Thailand, and Laos. And this country just opened up to travelers over the most recent 5 years there is still a long way to go and find about this amazing nation.

Let’s begin with some truths, the country utilizes the Kyat as its currency and tells the mostly Burmese, a language which looks and sounds entirely dissimilar from its Asian locals! And the English language is not as generally spoken as in the more famous South East Asian countries, however, most local people that you enjoy will be very excited about training. Talking about local people, they are superbly inviting and warm, yet as usual, know about tricks and utilize the presence of mind. Never get cheeky with an official at a checkpoint (you may pass a couple if you decide to go by street).

myanmar tour package

The capital is Naypyidaw, the main city in Myanmar that doesn’t ever have power outages! In any case, there is not a lot to see here separated from enormous vacant streets and government structures. It’s considerably more attracting to visit Yangon, Myanmar’s biggest city, or the clamoring center point of Mandalay.

The western style has (fortunately) not arrived at this piece of the world yet, so expect to discover men wearing skirts called longyi. Ladies wear yellow glue on their faces which are painted in designs; this is called Thanaka and it shields their skin from the sun.

There is a well-compressed visitor course in Myanmar. This is likely because there are as yet numerous spots beyond the field of play for outsiders, particularly in the north, so except if you are working for National Geographic or authority philanthropies you will probably be grouped down a similar way. Notwithstanding, saying this doesn’t imply that this isn’t an amazing way to pursue since it’s loaded up with amazing attractions along the way.

And by the way, your trip to Myanmar is beginning from the Schwedagon Pagoda of Yangon that is the best place to start your trip and it provides the best view to what the country provides. And the Pagoda situates 110meters long and it is an attractive attraction to observe. It is visited by lovely and helpful residents who will inspire you to take part in their cultures.

Bagan bears the absolute best dawns and nightfalls in all of South East Asia and effectively gives the other well-known Buddhist traveler locales close by, for example, Angkor Wat in Cambodia or Borobudur in Indonesia, a run for their cash with Myanmar tour package. A day or three on an electric bike riding around the pagoda fields and visiting temples is an encounter not to be missed – you may feel templed out if you’ve invested some energy in the area, yet truly, don’t miss this!

Where & Why Naadam Festival Celebrated?

Where & Why Naadam Festival Celebrated?

Naadam is one of the Mongolian conventional annual festivals which have been popular in Mongolia over eras. The Nomad festival has become the cultural holiness of nomads on the great plain, keeps customs and tradition alive from the oldest times. This nature and cultural visiting Mongolia tour with a secure date provides you the chance to enjoy Terelj national park, the popular Gobi Desert, and to look out the beautiful Naadam festival in Nalaikh town. So, don’t be late to book this incredible Mongolia tour package to make your trip memorable.

The Gobi Desert and Naadam Festival of Mongolia

Mongolia is an amazing country of natural and cultural wonders, where its people exercise their oldest traditions and enjoy Mother Nature each day. And the festival of Naadam is the largest festival of Mongols where the country has been enjoying the time ancient. It is also said that nomadic peoples met to explain whose men are the best warriors, whose horses are the fastest, whose archers are the best; and the winners were celebrated broadly. After some time, the Naadam festival was known as the “three Manly Games of the Mongols” however women also can take part in horse racing and archery. Amid the Great Mongol Empire period, Naadam was also a main occasion for the Golden Horde as the Mongol princes detained the Khuraldai (conference) then.

The Mongols began enjoying the Naadam festival in July to honor the People’s Rebellion of Mongolia, and the state of Naadam in Ulaanbaatar is held on fixed 11-12 July, and the regional and provincial Naadam getting place on 8-15 generally that is based on the Summer and meadow. Naadam is a renowned countrywide in Mongolia and is a public leave. Naadam-competitors and goers from far and nearby wear their best conventional dresses and start out to Naadam-all happy. And there are also have lots of dances and music to enjoy the jolly environment.

enjoy Naadam Festival Celebration

On this energizing 8-day visit you won’t just go to the Naadam Festival yet additionally will visit the features of the Gobi Desert. You will respect the dawn over the Bayanzag – Flaming Cliffs, enjoy a short camel ride at the Khongor sandhills and desert garden and walk the frigid Yoliin Am Gorge throughout your vacation in the Gobi. Plus, Mongolia’s home of generous roaming individuals, whose way of life has not been changed a great deal since the times of Genghis Khan and his realm. You may have heard numerous accounts of voyagers being stunned by the earnest friendliness of the wanderers.

Although, if you see closer into their spirit, then you will observe that how strong and demanding nomadic men can be encouraged to tears by their racehorses touching to a finish line. Their philosophy, lifestyle, and religion are designed by Mother Nature to a huge degree, and nomadic traditions, literature, music, and dresses have been accepted through centuries. What’s more, in this exciting 21st century just Mongolian nomads’ invite outsiders with opened gates. There will be a lot of events you will meet genuine migrant individuals and make the most of their endearing cordiality during the trip.

Experience Myanmar Just in 11 Days

Are you planning to visit Southeast Asia? If yes, then I must explore the myth and magic of Myanmar with the 11-day trip some of its very exciting attractions. So, book your adventurous Myanmar tour package to spend your precious time in Yangon where the golden Shwedagon Pagoda shines in the sunset, and enjoy a lot of sides Myanmar’ soul and heart in between the home-cooked cuisine, tranquil temples, floating lake islands, grassroots culinary wizardry, and the local handmade industry. A lot of methods of transports, from airplane to bike, bike to canoe, prepare for your trip suitable, authentic and exciting adventures across this amazing land, as you explore a country which represents the twenty years ago of Southeast Asia.

Why You Will Enjoy This Trip?

Here, you will be spending the afternoon time for sightseeing the temple town of Bagan by bicycle. It is an amazing path to see a lot of enormous stupas, temples, and pagodas.

Enjoy an activity pressed action plan for Mandalay. Visit the wonderful Mandalay Palace, visit a nearby town and cloister, and find the slope top pagodas of Sagaing.

Explore the Inle Lake on a peaceful canoe trip, that is trailed by a boat trip through its coasting islands and nearby town industries.

Be stunned by Shwedagon Pagoda at nightfall. Myanmar’s strict crown gem wakes up in the sunset, with a huge number of sparkling precious stones on its golden stupa.

Is This Trip Right for You?

myanmar tour packages

  • The highlights of this eleven days trip are awesome for tourists who are looking for a taste of this country over a short time. If you are sightseeing for something more amazing then you must think about the longer best of Myanmar trip or spend your extra time in beautiful Yangon.
  • There are two days of visiting by road in a private minibus from Mandalay to Inle Lake (approx. 9.5 hrs), and Mandalay to Bagan (approx. 5 hrs). And it is a great chance to look out the amazing and beautiful scenery.
  • There is a reasonable amount of walking included – sometimes like barefoot and sometimes up steep steps to clasp amazing views. Must remember that a lot of religious attractions required footwear to be detached before entry.
  • You can feel humid and hot even in winter. And the hottest months are March and April, whereas there incline to be higher levels of rainfall from May to late October. So, amid this time humidity is generally high that’s why we must remember to planning for travel here during summer.

hotels and tour prices in myanmar

What Is Included in This Tour?

  • Accommodation with daily breakfast.
  • English Speaking local guides.
  • Transportation by air-conditioned vehicle.
  • All entrance fees and zone fee as per program
  • Cold towels and water during sightseeing
  • All application local and government taxes.

What Is Not Included?

  • Air U.S. – Yangon- U.S.
  • Visa & Travel Insurance
  • Lunch & Dinners
  • Laundry, Soda, telephone, tips
  • Personal expenses.

Questions That Comes in Mind Before Going a Trip

Questions That Comes in Mind Before Going a Trip

Yes, when we plan a trip then a lot of questions come in mind that’s why here is given some questions that generally every person thinks before start any trip to/from international or local. So, let’s see those questions with suitable answers, such as

1. Are the Trip and Price Guaranteed?

The trip is guaranteed even with the sign-up of the minimum of two people. The price shown with departure date is guaranteed once you send us a trip application form with a deposit of $350.00. Otherwise, it may change until we receive the trip applications form.

2. What Is Internal Air?

There are flights involved in the trip. Internal Air is the flights between one city/place to another during the trip. Since the airfares keep changing, we do not include this in the land cost.

3. Can You Arrange My Flights From/To U.S.?

Yes, we can arrange your flights from/to U.S. We can match the online airfare, if not lower one. You just need to email us your full name as appears on the passport and departure city in U.S. We will then send you a quote for the flight. To issue the ticket, we just need your credit card details.

4. How Soon Do I Book the Trip?

The sooner you book, the better it is, because getting lower airfare from U.S. is higher when you book well in advance. Also, it is hard to get seats on some of the internal flight if it is closer to departure date. You can usually make the international flight reservation nine months prior to your departure date.

5. Do I Need Visa, Permit & Entrance Fees?

Yes, you need a visa for Myanmar. You can apply and get online e-visa, which is easy. Just go to for visa. All the permits and entrance fees are included in the trip.

6. What About the Weather?

Winter is the best time to travel to Myanmar which is from November to February. The weather generally stays nice and sunny during the period, and the chance of rain is very low.

7. When Do I Need to Pay?

At the time of booking, you need to send us $ 350.00 deposit with a trip application form. $ 1000 is due 3 months prior to departure, and balance is due 2 months prior to departure. For the internal flight, you may need to pay about 5-6 months as we need to issue the tickets to secure the flight seats.

8. How Big Are the Groups?

Our groups are usually small, so you get the personalized services from local guides. There must be minimum of 2 people to run the trip and the maximum is 10 people in the group.

9. How Difficult Is the Trip?

This is an easy trip. However, you have to be physically fit to do this trip. You will be spending from around 9 AM to 4 PM touring around, going from one place to another taking scenic drive and enjoying the world-famous monuments/heritage sites here and there.

10. Do I Need Travel Insurance & Where I Purchase It?

We strongly recommend you to purchase the travel insurance which protects you, in case if you had to cancel the trip or other reasons like flight delay, flight cancellation, and medical evacuation. Once you book the trip, we can send you a Travel Insurance Quote. You can either buy through the link we send you or from your choice of other insurance companies.

11. What About Accommodations, Meals & Upgrade?

You will be staying in nice, comfortable accommodation with attached bath. Your breakfast is always included. Your guide can help you to buy lunch and dinner. A decent meal will cost you about $ 8-12 in tourist class restaurant. If you like to upgrade it to higher end hotels, that is also possible with additional price.

12. What About Guide, Drivers and Travel During the Period?

We provide experienced driver and English-speaking local guides during the tour. You will be traveling in comfortable private Car or van or mini bus with driver and guide depending on the number of people in the group.

13. What Should I Pack?

We will email you a packing list once you book the trip with us. We mail you the final information packet 2-3 months prior to departure. You will find the all relevant information including confirmed hotels, local contact details, domestic flight info, and packing list as well.

14. Can I Extend My Trip?

Yes, you can extend your trip to Thailand, Laos, Cambodia or Bhutan or other destinations in Asia. You may like to inform this at the time of booking the trip, should you book the international flight with us. We would be happy to arrange your extension as well.

15. Can We Make This as A Private Trip on Our Own Date?

Yes, we can arrange this trip as a private trip on your own date. However, the price will be higher.

And if you have any other doubts then you can clearly discuss with us on and can also book the tour packages for attracting destinations like Myanmar tour packages, Mongolia tour package, Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages, and so on.


Plan a Trip to Myanmar? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

myanmar tour package

Hey there, are you looking for the Myanmar trip? If yes, then connect with me to explore this exciting country that is completely loaded with a lot of attractions. Here, you got everything that you want to explore before you go. As you know, the culture or tradition of this country makes it different from other countries in Asia. And you must be surprised after knowing that this country opens its gate for tourists since last year. So, you will be got some challenging and difficulties during your trip then you can book Myanmar tour package that will be really helpful to explore the new things for you and very helpful to make your trip memorable.

So, let’s begin your trip to Myanmar with us, and spend your precious time in this beautiful country. Then start this trip step by step that is useful for you to understand and when, where, and what to do concepts?

When to visit the Myanmar country of Southeast Asia?

If we talk about when to visit the country of Myanmar then one thing that you must remember that Myanmar has a hot climate because of the monsoon of the southwest side bringing rain from the month of May to October, so, roads can be blocked. So, the best time to visit this country is from November to February when the temperatures are comparatively handy.

How much money needed during the trip?

As most the people know that if you booked a tour package then you don’t have to worry about the money and any kind of thing about the trip. But if you don’t want to book a trip and explore this country according to yourself then you have to worry about the flight ticket, hotel stay, healthy foods, and many other things. I must give you advice if you are going for the first time to visit this country of Myanmar then you must book a trip that will be safe for you during your trip.

By the way, if you book a tour package then you needed the money around USD 1499. Here, I would like to suggest you book a tour package in groups because that is beneficial for you to get a discount on flight tickets, stay in a hotel, and many other things.

Do I Require a Visa for My First Trip to Myanmar?

If you are a first-time traveler and are belong from the westerns side, then the answer will be yes that you must have the Visa for traveling in this country. Basically, the local peoples of Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam must have the right visa that has 14 days limit and these visas only accepted to enter via the international airports of Mandalay and Yangon.

For more information about the Visasflight ticketstravel insurance then contact us.

Where to Stay in Hotel of Myanmar

In Myanmar, most of the popular hotels in the big cities were made between the 1950s and the 1990s. Most of the backpacker hostels, international hotels, and boutique hotels have stuck their path into Myanmar. Here, location matters and for a stay in Yangon, then you must choose a hotel that is nearby the Shwedagon Pagoda. Because this city is the heart city of Myanmar.

  • Yangon =    Green Hill Hotel (Dlx)
  • Bagan  =      Bawgatheiddhi Hotel (Dlx)
  • Monywa =      Win Unity Hotel (Garden View)
  • Mandalay =      Yadanarporn Dynasty Hotel (Dlx)
  • Inle Lake =       Pine Hill Resort (Sup)
  • Kalaw =       Amata Garden Resort (Dlx)

Where to Visit for Explore the Attractions of Myanmar for First-time Travellers

Surely, you will need to combine whatever number must-go puts as could be allowed for your first outing to Myanmar. Try not to be excessively aspiring, be that as it may. Think about this first trip as trying things out; you should take it decent and moderate. Just by permitting yourself additional time at one destination would you be able to get familiar with the nation itself. What’s more, remember, as various as China seems to be, Myanmar additionally merits a rebound trip.

  • Yangon
  • Bagan
  • Mandalay
  • Inle Lake
  • Shwedagon Pagoda