Plan a Trip to Myanmar? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart

Hey there, are you looking for the Myanmar trip? If yes, then connect with me to explore this exciting country that is completely loaded with a lot of attractions. Here, you got everything that you want to explore before you go. As you know, the culture or tradition of this country makes it different from other countries in Asia. And you must be surprised after knowing that this country opens its gate for tourists since last year. So, you will be got some challenging and difficulties during your trip then you can book Myanmar tour package that will be really helpful to explore the new things for you and very helpful to make your trip memorable.

So, let’s begin your trip to Myanmar with us, and spend your precious time in this beautiful country. Then start this trip step by step that is useful for you to understand and when, where, and what to do concepts?

When to visit the Myanmar country of Southeast Asia?

If we talk about when to visit the country of Myanmar then one thing that you must remember that Myanmar has a hot climate because of the monsoon of the southwest side bringing rain from the month of May to October, so, roads can be blocked. So, the best time to visit this country is from November to February when the temperatures are comparatively handy.

How much money needed during the trip?

As most the people know that if you booked a tour package then you don’t have to worry about the money and any kind of thing about the trip. But if you don’t want to book a trip and explore this country according to yourself then you have to worry about the flight ticket, hotel stay, healthy foods, and many other things. I must give you advice if you are going for the first time to visit this country of Myanmar then you must book a trip that will be safe for you during your trip.

By the way, if you book a tour package then you needed the money around USD 1499. Here, I would like to suggest you book a tour package in groups because that is beneficial for you to get a discount on flight tickets, stay in a hotel, and many other things.

Do I Require a Visa for My First Trip to Myanmar?

If you are a first-time traveler and are belong from the westerns side, then the answer will be yes that you must have the Visa for traveling in this country. Basically, the local peoples of Cambodia, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam must have the right visa that has 14 days limit and these visas only accepted to enter via the international airports of Mandalay and Yangon.

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Where to Stay in Hotel of Myanmar

In Myanmar, most of the popular hotels in the big cities were made between the 1950s and the 1990s. Most of the backpacker hostels, international hotels, and boutique hotels have stuck their path into Myanmar. Here, location matters and for a stay in Yangon, then you must choose a hotel that is nearby the Shwedagon Pagoda. Because this city is the heart city of Myanmar.

  • Yangon =    Green Hill Hotel (Dlx)
  • Bagan  =      Bawgatheiddhi Hotel (Dlx)
  • Monywa =      Win Unity Hotel (Garden View)
  • Mandalay =      Yadanarporn Dynasty Hotel (Dlx)
  • Inle Lake =       Pine Hill Resort (Sup)
  • Kalaw =       Amata Garden Resort (Dlx)

Where to Visit for Explore the Attractions of Myanmar for First-time Travellers

Surely, you will need to combine whatever number must-go puts as could be allowed for your first outing to Myanmar. Try not to be excessively aspiring, be that as it may. Think about this first trip as trying things out; you should take it decent and moderate. Just by permitting yourself additional time at one destination would you be able to get familiar with the nation itself. What’s more, remember, as various as China seems to be, Myanmar additionally merits a rebound trip.

  • Yangon
  • Bagan
  • Mandalay
  • Inle Lake
  • Shwedagon Pagoda

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