Explore the Country of Myanmar

Myanmar is currently popular as Burma, which is a country in South East Asia which is not only recognized on the tourist path like its neighbour countries like India, Thailand, and Laos. The country of Myanmar just opened its gate for five years where it is a lot of things to learn and explore its amazing country.

Let’s begin with some realities, that the country utilizes the “Kyat” as its currency and mainly speaks the Burmese language. And the Burmese language sounds and looks different from its Asian neighbour countries. And here, the English language is not just as spoken as other Asian Countries. However, most of the local people, you see will be excited to practice. And when you will speak with locals, then you know that they are very friendly and warm, although, you should be aware of scams, and use some common-sense! You should never rude with an officer at a checkpoint.

And the capital city of this country is Naypyidaw, which is the only city in Myanmar which does not have black-outs ever! But there are not so many things to watch here apart from huge empty roads and government houses. But it is a lot of many more interesting things to visit in Yangon that is the biggest city of Myanmar or also known as the busy hub of Mandalay.

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You must be surprised that the western culture is not reached here like any other countries that’s why you can see here, the men wearing the skirts that are known as Longyi, and women put yellow paste on their faces that are painted in designs, it is known as Thanaka and it guards their skin against the heat of the sun.

So, to explore this country, you only book a Myanmar tour package online that is available on your pocket budget. So, don’t be late to get the experience of the beautiful Pagodas of Yangon, Myanmar!

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