Do’s and Don’ts Things in Nepal

As you know that Nepal is the country that shares the border with India where people always greet its tourists with a lot of happiness and warmth although, you cannot get the chance to completely unaware of the country where its people, culture, and food, and so forth. And like any other place in the world, there is a lot of things to get into thought for your help while visiting Nepal. The Nepal tour package will provide your stay in Nepal memorable.

Dos & Don’ts:

There is a lot of things do’s and don’ts in Nepal, where you can get the chance to experience Nepal and its nearby countries like Tibet and Bhutan that you can visit with Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages.

  • Doing Namaste by combining you’re two palms is the most widely recognized at this point a decent method for welcome to any new or associate you see in Nepal. This type of regard is proper esp. for ladies as they can be very hesitant of warmly greeting the opposite sex.
  • Utilize both your hands although providing or getting anything as it is a sign of enjoyment and respect. And always utilize your right hand for everything if you are utilizing one hand.
  • The local peoples are upset if a finger is straight pointed to anything- especially religious monuments or peoples that always utilize the even long hand to agree on anything.
  • In Nepal, when you getting into the home, monastery or temple, then the first thing to remember to get rid of your slippers or shoes as respect and before getting photos in these places, that always request for approval and go to avoid utilizing a flash.
  • Nepal is mainly a Hindu country with unlimited Hindu temples that are scattered all around, so, you must know that some of the temple’s arrival may be forbidden for non-Hindus- and also avoid any of the leather items inside the temple as they are banned.

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The local peoples may not allow much of the dining table conducts but in the commercial world in Nepal but a lot of things tolerate in mind, such as

  • When you are on the dining table then never eat with the left hand if you eat with the left hand.
  • During drinking water straight from the bottle, manage a distance between a bottle, and your lips.
  • The wasting food is not allowed unfriendly that’s why get only as much as you required. Because the diet is extremely adored in Nepal.
  • Most of the local Nepalese utilize their hands to eat especially at home and knives, fork, and spoons are utilized only in a special case, that’s why do not feel insulted if you watch anyone eating with hand.
  • In Nepal, people do or do not like to share the food in the same plate, that’s why always request if they mind eating or sharing in the same place.

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