Where & Why Naadam Festival Celebrated?

Naadam is one of the Mongolian conventional annual festivals which have been popular in Mongolia over eras. The Nomad festival has become the cultural holiness of nomads on the great plain, keeps customs and tradition alive from the oldest times. This nature and cultural visiting Mongolia tour with a secure date provides you the chance to enjoy Terelj national park, the popular Gobi Desert, and to look out the beautiful Naadam festival in Nalaikh town. So, don’t be late to book this incredible Mongolia tour package to make your trip memorable.

The Gobi Desert and Naadam Festival of Mongolia

Mongolia is an amazing country of natural and cultural wonders, where its people exercise their oldest traditions and enjoy Mother Nature each day. And the festival of Naadam is the largest festival of Mongols where the country has been enjoying the time ancient. It is also said that nomadic peoples met to explain whose men are the best warriors, whose horses are the fastest, whose archers are the best; and the winners were celebrated broadly. After some time, the Naadam festival was known as the “three Manly Games of the Mongols” however women also can take part in horse racing and archery. Amid the Great Mongol Empire period, Naadam was also a main occasion for the Golden Horde as the Mongol princes detained the Khuraldai (conference) then.

The Mongols began enjoying the Naadam festival in July to honor the People’s Rebellion of Mongolia, and the state of Naadam in Ulaanbaatar is held on fixed 11-12 July, and the regional and provincial Naadam getting place on 8-15 generally that is based on the Summer and meadow. Naadam is a renowned countrywide in Mongolia and is a public leave. Naadam-competitors and goers from far and nearby wear their best conventional dresses and start out to Naadam-all happy. And there are also have lots of dances and music to enjoy the jolly environment.

enjoy Naadam Festival Celebration

On this energizing 8-day visit you won’t just go to the Naadam Festival yet additionally will visit the features of the Gobi Desert. You will respect the dawn over the Bayanzag – Flaming Cliffs, enjoy a short camel ride at the Khongor sandhills and desert garden and walk the frigid Yoliin Am Gorge throughout your vacation in the Gobi. Plus, Mongolia’s home of generous roaming individuals, whose way of life has not been changed a great deal since the times of Genghis Khan and his realm. You may have heard numerous accounts of voyagers being stunned by the earnest friendliness of the wanderers.

Although, if you see closer into their spirit, then you will observe that how strong and demanding nomadic men can be encouraged to tears by their racehorses touching to a finish line. Their philosophy, lifestyle, and religion are designed by Mother Nature to a huge degree, and nomadic traditions, literature, music, and dresses have been accepted through centuries. What’s more, in this exciting 21st century just Mongolian nomads’ invite outsiders with opened gates. There will be a lot of events you will meet genuine migrant individuals and make the most of their endearing cordiality during the trip.

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