Activities to Do in The Beautiful Land of Myanmar

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Are you planning for a trip to Myanmar then you must book a Myanmar tour packages where you should try to explore its various and attracting places? So, here is given some of the main activities that you can do here, such as

1. Sightsee the Golden Pagoda – Shwedagon Pagoda

The main thing that comes up at the top of the priority list of guests about Myanmar tour package is the old neighbourhood of Shwedagon Pagoda – The Golden Pagoda. As per legends, it was constructed 2500 years prior! Through every one of the harms by wars, catastrophic events, Pagoda stops on Singuttara hill (in Yangon city) with the assistance of a human. There are four entrance gates, every way has a couple of chin the (god’s lions) monitor the street prompts the pagoda. This mind-blowing pagoda has a popular 98-meter stature with 27 metric huge amounts of gold leaf, more than 5400 precious stones and 2300 rubies plated. From here, you will have an all-encompassing perspective on the city. Particularly, when the sun goes down, the entire pagoda will sparkle in the brilliant light. You need to see this amazing view once in your lifetime!

2. Ride a Hot Air Balloon in Bagan

Bagan is an old-fashioned city, it was capital, and social, political and financial center of the old Pagan Kingdom (presently is Myanmar). This antiquated city attracts a large number of guests every year. One of the top exercises you can’t miss from the Myanmar tour package in Bagan is riding a sight-seeing balloon. This famous experience carries another inclination for vacationers to enjoy the magnificence of the old city.

You will see several sight-seeing balloons drifting in the sky of Bagan. From above, you can feel the outside air, the cool breeze contacting your skin and get an opportunity to see more than 2000 temples and pagodas between rich trees found everywhere throughout the city. It feels like you are turning back time to past times worth remembering of this antiquated city when it was a well-off focal point of the nation with more than 10000 religion’s landmarks. Nightfall or dawn is the best time to ride a tourist balloon.

3. Take Part in the Water Festival

If you are a functioning individual, as physical exercises, a Myanmar tour package with Water celebration experience is directly for you. Water celebration happens in April consistently, from the thirteenth to the fifteenth. It’s the most significant event of four nations with a Theravada Buddhist (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar), denotes the beginning of the Buddhist schedule. In Myanmar, it’s known as Thingyan. At this festival, everybody will shower water at one another. This activity is an image of good karma and purging. Consistently, a great many guests come to Myanmar to join this festival.

Buddhism – A Religion, And Sightseeing Destination with Different Places

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Bodhgaya is one of the best and most popular holiest Buddhist pilgrimage hubs in the world. It was located here under a banyan tree which is known as the Bodhi Tree where Gautama achieved the best knowledge to become Buddha. Lord Gautama Buddha born in the foothills of Himalayas as a Sakya prince of Kapilvastu (that is now located in Nepal) and is the most popular event in his life like as last sermon and enlightenment that is happened in Bihar, India.

And you can explore the various destinations of Lord Buddha incarnated in India with the help of Buddhism pilgrimage tour packages that are one of the most popular tour packages amongst the tourists.

Buddhism as a religion was truly conceived in Bihar and developed here through his proclaiming and the case of his way of life of huge simplicity, abandonment, and sympathy for everything living. Fundamentally, the state’s name of ‘Bihar’ started from ‘Vihara’ which means religious communities which prospered in Bihar. A few centuries after Buddha’s passing endlessly, the Maurya Emperor Ashoka (234-198 BC) contributed immensely towards the recovery, union, and spread of the first religion.

It is the monasteries, Ashoka prepared for the Buddhist priests and the pillars which are known as Ashokan Pillars raised to remember countless recorded destinations related with the Buddha’s life, for the most part, unblemished right up ’til the present time, that helped researchers and explorers the same to follow the existence occasions and proclaiming of a really uncommon man. There is a heavenly Mahabodhi temple and the Tree from the first sapling still stands in the sanctuary premises.

This temple is an architectural combination of numerous hundreds of years, heritages and cultures. While its engineering has a particular stamp of the Gupta period, it has later ages engravings depicting visits of explorers from Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and China somewhere in the range of seventh and tenth century AD. It is maybe still a similar temple Hieuen Tsang visited in the seventh century.

Of a few profound pioneers who were conceived in India and who spread the seeds of their musings and learning in the core of regular men through their lessons and guidelines, Gautama Buddha has extraordinary criticalness and an after that cuts crosswise over areas. No big surprise India is sprinkled with Buddhist journey locales where one could pay respect to Buddha.

Hundreds of years back ruler Siddhartha ventured out an obscure way to look for answers to the implications of life, to look for retribution. He started a journey from Nepal and made a few ends in the middle at different destinations in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar where at long last Siddhartha achieved edification and became Buddha.

Explore the mind-blowing Destination of Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Packages

Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages

It will be not surprising to travel in the most popular countries of the Himalayan region which are Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan. And there are no such countries where you get the various adventurous places and also able to get the beautiful memories of these destinations. With Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages, you can sightsee the various attractions and as well as with the help of this tour package you will get the chance to do enthralling things.

These Himalayan countries have fascinated the imagination of westerners for countries. And the travellers have included the country of Nepal as one of the best countries for trekking in the world. Also, Bhutan also a main attractive destination where you can explore a lot of things and as well as Tibet as a surprising land that is hidden in the Himalayas, and extremely entrenched with the oldest Tibetan Buddhism.

Also, the population of these countries begun at the same time after the preparation of the Greatest Himalayan variety. Although, these popular three countries are popular to provide an amazing memory to your lifetime.

To visit the full enormity of superb Himalayas and especially the Buddhist culture, no best visit would you have the option to find over covering the Himalayan realms in Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibet.

The epic journey takes you to experience serious Buddhist voyage, shimmering turquoise high lakes, and an amazing view of Mt. Everest in Tibet. Nepal is the main popular point in this tour package. This visit is preferably simple beginning from Nepal once again anyplace in the world. From here there is a non-stop flight association with Bhutan and Tibet. Subsequently, this goal makes the best beginning stage for this epic adventure.

Adventure into the most attracting destinations on the world The Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour gives the travellers to the last Shangri-La in the world.

Nepal | Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Package

This Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour starts from this Himalayan nation. This little zone on the planet layout squeezed with arranged culture, scenes, and people who call it home.

Also, for some explorers, principally, the Himalayas must be the draw for visiting. Notwithstanding, they return recollecting the friendliness of delightful Nepalese lovely. Besides, this nation is one of the accommodating nations in the world for explorers.

Bhutan | Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Package

Further, the following destination of this Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour is “The Thunder Dragon Kingdom” of Bhutan.

This last Himalayan realm is one of the costly travel goals in the world. Magical and secrets cover this remarkable Himalayan Kingdom. Moreover, here the customary Buddhism culture cautiously holds international advancements.

The western district of Bhutan is the most visited destination because of its cutting-edge foundations and monasteries and beautiful Dzongs. In like manner, Thimphu is the main hub of Bhutan. Visit different vacation destinations in the capital of Thimphu, appreciate the natural air during your ride to Punakha, and visit the biggest Punakha Dzong and the acclaimed Taktsang Monastery “Tiger’s Nest”.

Tibet | Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour Package

Tibet is also popular as “the Roof of the World” which is the final destination of this tour package. This beautiful country still confuses the voyager’s creative mind. Various voyagers will get an alternate involvement with Tibet. Desert-like geography with excellent cloisters, priests reciting all over while pivoting their supplication wheel gives a social encounter. For the greater part of the explorers its rugged terrain, high valleys, high altitude trekking, and lakes giving an adventurous knowledge.

Experience All Kind of Amazing Attractions With Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tours

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From the amazing views on Mt. Everest as you visit Bhutan to the dazzling sights of the Dochula Pass, experience the quietness of Buddhist religious communities and the dynamite landscape of this mountain kingdom. Be moved by the glow of its kin and marvel at the popular character and capacities of the engineering and the craving to make a peaceful and powerful kingdom. From the forested heaps of Bhutan watch the view change to the deserted hills of Tibet.

Here, the Potala Palace clears upward to the sky and the air of harmony overruns this religious Buddhist sanctuary high up in the Himalayas. Be motivated by the peacefulness of its kin and the amazing magnificence that originates from the distinct and wonderful wide open. Ultimately, dive into the clamor and mixed type of the Kathmandu Valley. Religious communities, motor bikes, and a thousand distinct encounters anticipate the guest to this clamoring capital city of Nepalese.

Visit the antiquated Thamel, shopping bazaar, see the wide range of parts of Nepalese life as you discover and enjoy the enthusiasm and exercises that imprint this fascinating spot. Finish up your excursion with the rush of a wilderness experience somewhere down in the wildernesses of Chitwan. You will leave away with recollections to last an actual existence time. Himalayan Dreams for an exceptional outing!

Is this Nepal Tibet Bhutan trip suitable for you?

  • This Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour is a magnificent mix of hiking adventure and cultural fascination.
  • Hike to Taktsang Monastery includes 4 to 6 hours (separation – 6km round trip) of strolling on a tough and downhill trail. Horses are accessible on contract at extra cost, up to the midpoint.
  • The hikes are simple with no specialized trouble. You stroll on rock ways amid staggering landscape and mountain sees. If you are utilized to strolling on the uneven territory for an all-inclusive period, these hikes will be simple for you.
  • As Lhasa locates at a height of 3,656 meters, it’s normal to get a handle on a touch of breath on landing. You will feel okay in the wake of resting for a day. Some hotels and Pharmacies have oxygen lounges where you can take advantageous oxygen if you feel the requirements.
  • If you experience the effects of respiratory and heart issues, we encourage you to take the suggestions of your doctor before joining this trip.
  • Throughout your trip, you will be lead by experienced & local guides.

Planned to Enjoy Trekking?

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There is no experience to getting like on going on vacation because the happiness of keep away from the pressure of the work is amazing. So, take a trip to places of nature and book a trip like Himalayan tour, Nepal Tibet Bhutan trip, etc. to enjoy your vacation more enjoyable. Some of the sightseeing places of these Himalayan countries are Nepal, Kathmandu, Tibet, Bhutan, etc. Nepal is one of the best place to visit and get closer to Nature.

There is the best see on the world from probably the largest peaks of the world when you go Mustang trekking among different mountains. There is additionally such a significant number of better places to go to when you are in Nepal.

Speak to the Right People Before You Decide on Your Trip

When you are arranging an excursion to Nepal ensure you are conversing with the ideal individuals. There are many trekking office in Nepal that you can browse that will give all of you the subtleties accurately. So, address somebody who has been there previously and get the best subtleties from him. There would not be such a significant number of inns and motels that you can discover individually, so connect with the office for the most ideal arrangements. There would also be numerous individuals who can get you in contact with the inns for inexpensively soon as you land in Nepal, attempt to maintain a strategic distance from them as a large portion of them as touts.

Pack right when you are trekking

Trekking is no simple assignment. You have to pack right and dress right as well. There are a wide range of ways you can do this and none simpler than pressing shrewd. There are numerous supplies at Nepal that give great breeze shields and even coats to keep you warm wide open to the harsher elements. These could be a lifeline. Ensure you purchase at any rate a couple of them to keep your body warm. There would be times when you would be low on vitality as well so keep yourself loaded with vitality bars and stuffed tinned sustenance. This should enable you to make it effectively on your Mustang trekking plan.

Speak to Everyone for Tips and Advice

There would also be the lots of other individuals at the base of the mountain so invest significant energy to deal with individuals about the best things to bear when you are going trekking.

Be careful with each step

Going trekking would expect you to have an official guide with you, so book the trekking in Nepal you have joined with for the best insights concerning this. There would be various peoples up for the activity yet local people typically know the best directs. So, address him about the quantity of time the person in question has scaled and that they are so arranged to do it once more. With the suitable measure of exertion you ought to be splendidly fine.

Visit the Pilgrim Places with Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour

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India is one of the best popular countries where Buddhist pilgrimage origin and becomes the main religion in the world. The Buddhist religion is developed by the Siddhartha Gautama who was born as a prince of the oldest Kapilavastu Kingdom that is now located in Lumbini, Nepal.

In India, there is a lot of pilgrim places which is connected to the before time days of this religion. Most of the tourists choose the Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages to make their trip awesome. Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour by Third Eye Travel is a 12 days/ 11 nights that takes you to the most amazing destinations of the country. Some of the places are Varanasi, Kushinagar, Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Vaishali, Lumbini, Sravasti, Lucknow, and so on that is covered in this tour package.

This Buddhist pilgrimage tour package makes you discover the various colors of the country. You will be obtained to sightseeing the popular pilgrimage attractions of the country like as Kushinagar and Varanasi along with amazing holiday destinations like as Lumbini and Bodhgaya.

india buddhist pilgrimage tour

What Is Included in This Tour?

  • Accommodation with breakfast
  • All meals except in Delhi.
  • Service of English speaking local guides.
  • Monument entrance fee as per the itinerary.
  • Boat ride at Varanasi (Sharing Basis).
  • Applicable government & local taxes.

What Is Not Included?

  • Air U.S.-Delhi-U.s.
  • Travel Insurance and Visa
  • Laundry, Soda, Telephone, Tips
  • Meals in Delhi
  • Services not specified above.

With Third Eye Travel you get all-inclusive Buddhist tours where you can sightsee the main Buddhist pilgrimage places and attractions not just of India but as well as of Nepal that make your journey easy and comfortable. That’s why we suggest you pick the best Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages that are best for you to feel the joy of peace once in life. Come and visit these holiest places to discover the strongholds of Buddhism places in India.

Cuisines On Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages India

It is said that the cuisines are according to the principles or values at a place. If we are going to visit Buddhist pilgrimage sites in India, it is going to have a very different quality of cuisines. It comprises of East Asian cuisine. This food is eaten by monks. This food is also eaten by the believers of Chinese Buddhism. They can be called as vegetarians for vegans. This food is completely based on the concept of non-violence. Vegetarianism represents it. It is also followed in some other religions of the world like Sikhism, Jainism, and Hinduism. However, non-veg is also prominent and these relations. There is one more religion called Taoism that follows vegetarianism. It is also a trend that the Buddhist vegetarian diet is followed during religious celebrations only. I consider myself lucky enough to you go to Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages and have these vegetarian and pure cuisines.

Types of Cuisines

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Buddhist cuisine is divided into Sushi, Chunsu, and Zhaicai. Sushi means vegetarian food. Chunsu means pure vegetarian food. Zhaicai means fasting food. These names are primarily used in China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam. The concept to cook is the same in all the countries where Buddhism is followed including Korea, Thailand, and other countries.

Different Philosophies Governing Food

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The philosophies that govern Buddhist food are our vegetarianism, simplicity, nature and some restrictions. It is understood that if we are dealing with God, we must eat vegetarian food. God does not permit the killing of anyone. Therefore non-vegetarian food is not allowed according to Buddhist vegetarianism. Simplicity is the other philosophy. You will not be getting different styles of food. It will be cooked simply and served simply. There are not many kinds of ingredients used in the vegetarian food of Buddhism. All the necessary spices and herbs that are required to live life healthy are used in it. Buddhist vegetarianism believes in cooking everything natural. It avoids all synthetic or artificial food items. Everything available naturally within the diameter of 30-50 kilometers is cooked.


Some certain Herbs and Spices are banned in Buddhist vegetarianism. There are some important divine reasons behind them. Garlic is banned. Apart from garlic, there are most of the plants that strongly smell; are banned for eating according to Buddhist vegetarianism. Some of such strong smell plants are asafetida, alien Chinese, shallot, mountain Leek, etc. All these are 5 acrid strong-smelling vegetables. The reason behind not eating them is this that they excite the five senses of human beings.

We are in a modern world and we love going out. If we are going to plan a holiday where there is a superb modern infrastructure and there is a lot of Continental or fast food, it will be almost similar to our home country or our city because today we are also living in quite modern society. But going to a spiritual place or pilgrimage site will give you a very different feeling altogether. This is how it will prove to be a wonderful break. If you are married and taking your kids along with you. You have a great opportunity to tell them something really good. These were all the new things that I learned on Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages India.

Prominent religions on Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour

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Religions are highly important for the whole world. Each country has many religions and religions give us a way to live life. There are principles laid by religious books. Most of the times, religions are made by the forefathers of any community. They are very important for all societies. Sometimes religion can take birth at a place or it is also possible that some person made travel to another place and spread the learning of his religion. The same happened in the case of Buddhism and Christianity also. I got to know about 3 major religions on Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour packages. Let us discuss them in a little detail.


nepal tibet bhutan tour packages

People living in Tibet are highly concerned about Buddhism. They call it Tibetan Buddhism. There are some changes made by the Tibetan forefathers. Tibetan Buddhism is seen in the lifestyle of the Tibetan people. It strongly influences them. There are two branches of Buddhism in Tibet: Vajrayana and Mahayana. Mahayana is for the Buddhist practices and philosophies with a long-term significance historically. Vegetarian represents the Buddhist traditions of secret Mantra and is prepared in India. The Secret Mantra is also referred to as Tantra. It originated in medieval India and got spread to many different parts of Asia. There are five main traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. They are a way of virtue, oral lineage, the ancient ones, grey Earth and Jonang.


Christian, it is also the religion that is followed by the people of birth. It was in the 17th and 18th centuries when Roman Catholic Capuchins and Jesuits. Christianity is a great way of leading life peacefully. God says never hurt anyone in the world according to Christianity. One should always lead a happy life. If you are unhappy for a minute, you lose sixty seconds of your happiness, is one of the learnings given by Christianity. Jesus Christ lost his life to have a belief in The Almighty. There are many Christian Missionaries is that are active in Tibet. These Missionaries have approval given by the Chinese authorities.


nepal tibet bhutan tour packages

The culture of Islam is also active in Tibet. The Muslims have been living in different areas of the bed since the beginning of 8 in the 9th century. They have arrived in Tibet from three regions. The three regions are the Central Asian Turkic countries, Kashmir and Ladakh. Persia also has contributed to bringing the influence of Islam in Tibet. It is interesting to know that there is a Chinese community of Muslims. This community traces its origin to an ethnic group of China called Hui.

This Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour gave me a great understanding of the religions followed in Tibet along with the origin or history of coming to Tibet. It told me the details that I did not know from any book. It was pretty interesting to know about the religions in three different directions and many other details associated with them. I will soon plan it again and take my family also as I went with my friends this time.

Reasons to Go on Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour Packages

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There are many good reasons to go on a pilgrimage site. You don’t need to go to make side only when you grow old. Spiritualism is a need of today’s life. You may take it just like a trip but it is far beyond than that. It provides you wonderful reasons to get connected with spiritualism. There are many other reasons also that I am going to throw light on. I was also a little reluctant before going on Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages but later on, after going there I realized a highly positive change in me.

A wave of optimism

india buddhist pilgrimage tour

When you go to a pilgrimage site, you start feeling very positive because all The Pilgrimage sites are made by the astrology. Not many people are aware of it that the cultures of the world are based on scientific research done by the ancient people. Or it might be possible that don’t know that they don’t believe in it. How about trying it! Why don’t you go somewhere and then decide whether you are feeling optimistic after going to the Pilgrimage site or not? I am not coming out that all your problems will be solved for sure. But it will change your Outlook towards it and you will ultimately solve the problem.

Superb Knowledge

buddhist pilgrimage packages

You will be able to have great knowledge of different places even if you go on a normal trip outside. You get to know about the history and the bravery of the people living in those ancient times. When you go to a pilgrimage site, you get to know about the Gods. Nobody knows the truth of the god but there is a belief. The people who are believed to be gods have done some great work and this is my dear believed to be God. Therefore there is some or the other thing that can be learned if you go to a pilgrimage site.

Connectivity with Spiritualism

buddha gaya tour package

The meaning of spiritualism in simple words is to connect you with the spirit. Some people say the soul is God. Therefore, it is important to get connected with your soul. It is also said that every human being has got inside him. From this point of view also, it is necessary to get connected with the soul of yours. When it comes to yourself, you are not able to concentrate well in your work also. In case, this is true you must try to get yourself connected with spiritualism. It will give you benefits in your work when you will come back from your trip.

Belief in God

buddhist pilgrimage tour packages

Who knows you may start believing in God if you are an atheist till now. It is going to be helpful in every sense. Belief in God or any almighty is very necessary for life. It will give you a particular way of thinking. You will be able to make decisions based on the right and the wrong. The conclusions of life will be over. After going to a pilgrimage site, you learn certain new things of getting connected with God. This is how you will be helped and your overall performance in your personal and professional life will be better. This positive change also came to my life and the credit entirely goes to Buddhist pilgrimage tour packages India.

Delicious Dishes on Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour

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We all need food to live. But some of us need beyond than that. Such people are called as foodies. If you are also of my category, you must read this article because you will find some delicious delicacies of Bhutan. Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan are landlocked countries. They are in the Himalayan region. You can find your destination if you love adventure. The three countries offer you wonderful spots to try if you are strong enough. It gives us everything that we need. The food available in these countries is perfect for the people, living over there or anyone living in such climatic conditions. The creativity of the human brain is sufficient enough to make it to some for the most jaded palette. On Nepal Tibet Bhutan tour, when we went to Bhutan we had some wonderful dishes. Those were so irresistible that I am not able to hold myself back from writing about it.

Chilies and Cheese

nepal tibet tour

If you are a pizza lover, you love cheese. Here is the delight for you. You have a lot of cheese in this dish. If you do not like Chilies, you may start liking it with the combination of cheese. It is a Vegetarian dish but to the content of non-vegetarians, it seems little non-vegetarian. Do remember it is extremely spicy and pungent. The local name given to this dish is Ema Datshi. And it is popular as the national dish of Bhutan. In this, the leaves and seeds of chilies are removed. The mixture of chilies with garlic, cheese, some oil, and water is made. This quality of cheese is a very different kind of the cheese and is not available outside in any country. To add some more flavors, tomatoes and onions are also added if you demand. There are two variations in it, Shakam Datshi and Khewa Datshi. The first one has beef in it and the second one has potatoes in it with some butter also.

Spicy Chicken

bhutan tour

If you are a non-vegetarian and you are waiting for me to write on it, here it is. The spicy chicken in Bhutan is called as Jasha Maru. It is very tasty and there are many flavored ingredients used in it. The flavors of garlic and Ginger are major. It also uses coriander onion and tomato. It can be served with or without broth. Since eating beef is common in Bhutan, they may be using beef instead of chicken. It is served with rice often. And you know that, the color of rice is red. In Bhutan, red rice is pretty common.

Bhutanese Butter Tea

nepal bhutan tour

The local name given to Bhutanese butter tea is Suja. Tea is consumed frequently in Bhutan also as you have seen the practice in India. The local people love this butter tea. As a name reveals, there is butter in it. The two major ingredients used in this tea are fresh yak milk and fermented yak butter. The butter is first of all boiled in water and tea leaves. The taste of butter dominates the taste of tea. Do not expect it to be sweet because of the presence of butter. Instead of yak, the butter can be made up of Cow’s milk also. I was fortunate to have this tea on Nepal Bhutan Tibet Tour Packages.